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Our Story

WOMMA started as a vision we had as two hopeful undergraduates at the University of East London. Frustrated by the lack of martial arts clothing out there for women and the lack of female-led self-defence lessons, we felt that something had to change.

In 2014 we put our business caps on and entered the E-Factor competition, pitching our idea to a panel of successful entrepreneurs in front of hundreds of people in Canary Wharf. Our research and hard work paid off - we couldn’t believe our ears when we were announced the winners, presented with the funding we needed to bring our vision to life. With the astonishing amount of support we received, we were able to work with up and coming fashion designers on our women’s sportswear range and set up our self-defence classes that students could access for free.

So, what’s next? Our London classes have been a huge success, and our next goal is to raise the funds that we need to expand nationwide and broaden the benefits of free self-defence classes for women. Meanwhile, we continue to develop and redesign sportswear to the highest quality to assist women on their martial arts journeys.