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We provide female empowering sportswear, designed by women, for women. We have hand crafted all of our designs to ensure that our products are of high quality and the perfect fit for all. With the support of the clothing and funding bodies we run free self-defence lessons for women under the WOMMA Foundation. We believe at WOMMA that all women should have the opportunity to learn how to defend themselves free of charge, in a safe environment with experienced female coaches.

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"Women need confidence, in general, in different situations, it doesn’t matter what it is and I think self-defence gives confidence not to just protect yourself but the confidence within yourself and I think that’s very crucial"

Szandra Szogedi

Olympic judo player

"I wasn’t very confident before I started training jiu-jitsu and now it’s unbelievable how much its changed me for the better, it’s given me a lot of confidence even with social skills, not just the self-defence side where I feel safe within myself for doing that"

Laura Barker

Brazilian jiu-jitsu British Champion

"The advice I wish I could of given to my younger self would be.... Be more confident, if you want to do something go ahead and do it don’t hold back, don’t worry about what other people may think, don’t try and please other people, think about yourself, this is your life, you have one life so live it, live it to the full"

Melissa Hill

Brazilian jiu-jitsu British Champion

"The advice I’d give to my younger self is to just focus on me and just ignore any pressures or negative comments that come from other people especially nowadays for younger people just social media and all that, you see it their there’s a lot of pressure and they see all these role models where actually there the wrong role models to look up to so just focus on yourself, please yourself and be happy playing sport, that’s the main thing"

Kerys Harrop

Birmingham City Ladies FC & England International

"It’s really important for girls and women to be involved in sport because we are equal to men and in a lot of things we can out do them. So it’s our job to show everyone we can do a really good job of it"

Jess Martin

4th Dan Japanese Jujitsu

"I think it’s so important at a young age to enjoy sport and enjoy what you’re doing and that’s kind of the main thing. If you end up being quite good at it then that comes afterwards, but I think to have fun and work hard on something you enjoy then that’s probably the best tip id give myself"

Aimee Willmott

Olympic finalist in the Women's 400IM, Swimmer
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